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Should you book now your holidays in Formentera ?

The vaccination programmes have helped and given to consumers the “psicological” push to look for a break and search to holiday in the mediterranean islands if they feel travelling to distant countries is not advisable yet. The choice of Ibiza or Formentera, which during the summer of 2021 remained with a very low incidence of the virus and also have a health infrastructure that has proven to be well organized and in perfect condition, makes these two islands a precious object of desire for the holidays of 2021.

As an antidote to isolation and disconnection, what people want from travel now is what they’ve been deprived of, and that is spending meaningful time with their family and friends and enjoy long days caressed by the sun, turquoise waters and uncontaminated nature. In short, a vacation in Formentera seems to be an excellent option.

According to tourism professionals, the general feeling still is that there is an uncertainty of travelling abroad.
The current circumstances of each country, with still high numbers of infection and governments that seem not to want or not to know how to transmit calm, tranquility and adequate information to their citizens regarding the organization of vaccination plans, make it difficult to do so. short or long term forecasts.
The winter holidays were frustrating with the closure of the ski resorts. Easter and spring seem complicated by the proximity of the dates, so the sights of most travelers are mainly set in the summer.

Spanish authorities say “Spain sees vaccination as an opportunity to facilitate cross-border mobility and in this sense, a mutual recognition of national vaccination certificates can contribute. Furthermore, “Spain will act in line with what is decided at the European level since only coordinated and applied measures at European or global level are effective to facilitate cross-border mobility that is so important for sectors such as tourism.”
On the other hand, some countries have already been talking about asking for people to have proof they have had the vaccinations before entering their country but so far, there has been no concrete progress within the EU.

However, the lack of opportunities to travel during 2020 have led to a huge demand for holidays, so now, with the vaccination programme under way and signs of light at the end of a very long tunnel, should you book your Formentera villa now ?

Despite the fact that in July and August 2020, with an ongoing pandemic and changing restrictions from day to day, thousands of people from all over Europe mobilized to reach the Balearic Islands, the forecast is that these two months will be good occupation mainly in private villas and small hotel complexes.
Taking into account that this type of accommodation is limited on an island like Formentera and that many Spaniards who normally travel to other destinations have also wanted to secure their little piece of paradise, the current occupation in Formentera for these two months of 2021 is high. If we also add the changes of dates that occurred last summer with the consequent occupation of certain weeks, it will soon begin to run out.

So if you intend to travel in July or August, the answer is YES, you should start booking your vacation in Formentera now.

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