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Formentera – A great place to Invest.

The Formentera housing market will not be immune from Coronavirus COVID-19, but there is no more safer place to invest your money than in real estate on Formentera.
The housing market on Formentera is very unique, the combination of a small housing stock and tight restrictions on new building projects makes Formentera one of the most exclusive places to own property in Europe today. You may get more for your money in other nice places, but they will never be as cool as Formentera and won’t have the exceptionally high value that any property in Formentera retains regardless of the general trend of the real estate market in the rest of Spain.
If you are considering making an investment in real estate somewhere in Europe and wondering whether Formentera might be the best place to choose to buy property, you may find in this article the top reasons for buying property in Formentera and for investing in this breathtaking little island.

1. Formentera’s mild climate, beauty and extraordinary safe and laid back quality of life have make it one of the most desirable second homes markets in Europe. A natural paradise for european buyers in search of exclusive properties in a quiet and privileged place just few hours by plane or less from their own countries.

2. Properties on Formentera offer considerably higher value than having the money in the bank or on Ibiza market as summer rental values are considerable higher than in the sister island. Villas in Formentera have the potential to be rented out generating a bigger income per year.

3. Compared to shares and bonds, which have posted record losses in recent weeks as the coronavirus epidemic has evolved, property is a tangible asset that can be used or can provide a return, even in a worst-case scenario. Villas in Formentera can be rented out, generating significant income opportunities for the present and accruing value for the future.

4. Formentera is a place where people tend to mind their own business, which is a big plus for the rich and famous who want to be left alone on holiday. Those who want more privacy head for Formentera, one of the few places in the world where A-list celebs are hardly bothered in public.

So, in summary, whether you are drawn to the breathtaking beaches, the unrivalled quality of life or the well-established real estate market offering tremendous potential for very high returns, the reasons to invest in Formentera are many and varied.
As it is a small luxury niche market, it may take time to locate the ideal property. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for in our current inventory we encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs.
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