FAQ - Frequently asked questions for the Covid 19 - Coronavirus - in Formentera

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Is there curfew in Formentera ?

No there isn’t curfew in Formentera

Is it still mandatory to wear masks in Formentera?

No. Outside is not necessary to wear a mask, when social distance is possible.

The use of a mask is mandatory in closed spaces and public transport.

What is the procedure to enter in Ibiza / Formentera ?

Balearic Islands require a questionnaire for visitors. 

Follow the instructions in this page 

Negative molecular test or antigens performed 48 hours before.

Visitors coming from
UK, China, Australia, New Zealand, Israel (also in transit from Madrid or Barcelona) do not need test 

People vaccinated with the complete regimen from all countries have free access to travel from June 7

Where can I do the covid-19 test in Formentera ?

Tourists in Formentera who want to take the test can do it at the Centro Médico La Savina

What happens if the covid-19 rapid test result is positive?

If the result is positive, it will be necessary to notify the health authorities and you will not be allowed to leave the island. You’ll be imposed quarantine.

Will we have to quarantine when we get to Formentera / Ibiza ?

There is no quarantine obligation for any European country.

What happens if the traveler does not prove their health status ?

You can undergo a rapid antigen test within a maximum period of 48 hours after arrival at any of the centers authorized in the Balearic Islands, and must be kept in quarantine until the result is known. If the traveler refuses to undergo a diagnostic test, he must submit a statement by which he agrees to maintain home quarantine for ten days.

Are hotels in Formentera open ?

All the hotels in Formentera are open

Are restaurants in Formentera open?

Yes restaurants are open