Booking Conditions

1. Villa Rental

Bookings are made in relation to holiday accommodation only and do not include any flights, transport or transfers to the Property or any other travel arrangements to and from the Property.
a)The terms and conditions set out in this section together with your confirmation invoice comprise your agreement between YourFormentera (Part of the YourGroup SL company) and all those listed on the booking on whose behalf the party leader is acting
b) Bookings are understood accepted when we issue a Confirmation invoice confirming the property you
have booked. No contract will exist between you and us until we have received the required deposit(s)
and we have issued our official confirmation invoice.
c) Should there be an obviously incorrect price shown on the confirmation invoice we will issue a new invoice and will not be bound by the price quoted on the incorrect invoice.
d) It is important that you check all the details shown on the confirmation invoice carefully to ensure they are correct as this forms the basis of the contract.
e) Assuming we are able to confirm your booking, confirmation invoices are normally sent 24 hrs after
receiving your booking confirmation file. If you do not receive a confirmation invoice within 72 hrs, you should contact us to make sure that your booking has been made.
f) We reserve the right to refuse a booking without any given reason.
g) Instant booking – When you book with Instant booking through the links sent to you by email, you will commit to the accommodation and all rental conditions will apply. You will receive a confirmation proforma with the dates, amounts and other information necessary to finalize your reservation. The house will be blocked in your name for a maximum of 4 days, after which if you have not finalized your reservation, the house will be free for other requests.

2. Website information

We have taken the greatest care to ensure the accuracy of all information contained in YourFormentera website relating to any services advertised.
We have visited and checked each property and descriptions appearing in our web pages have been
prepared in good faith.
However there may be times when certain services or facilities are unavailable or limited, particularly in low
season. Such situations may be dictated by local circumstances, unsuitable weather conditions, lack of
demand, necessity for maintenance or redecoration, local licensing regulations or government fuel saving
We cannot accept responsibility for any such problems which are outside our control. We decline all responsibility for any modifications made by the owners without its knowledge.

3. Property description

1. Where we mention that villas have satellite TV, we can make no guarantee of the channels
you can watch.
2. Where we mention that villas have air-conditioning, or central heating they may only cover
part of the villa.
3. Where we mention that villas have internet connection, wi-fi, we cannot guarantee the correct reception of the signal at all hours and throughout the entire stay. If the internet is essential to develop your vacation, please let us know in your reservation request.
4. Where a villa has a swimming pool, the period when the pool is available is at the
owner s discretion and may also be affected by weather conditions. As they operate outside our control, we
cannot guarantee their availability specially during the low season.
5. Villas are cleaned for your arrival but not during your stay (unless otherwise stated). They
may not be ready for immediate occupation and are generally available from 4.30 pm. On the day of departure you should vacate the property before 10.00 a.m

4. Payments

a) Booking deposit – At the booking time, it is requested a deposit equal to 50% of the total price.
b) Balance – The balance of the costs and the due date, 60 days before arrival, will be shown on the
confirmation invoice together with the amount of the breakage deposit.
c) On the day of entry into the villa, the client will deliver in cash, the breakage deposit amount requested as stipulated in article 36 of the LAU.

The deposit will be returned by bank transfer the same day of departure, once the house has been reviewed.

If the balance is not received by us in full and by the due date we reserve the right to treat your booking as
cancelled by you in which case the cancellation charges as set out in clause 8 will be payable.

5. Late bookings

Bookings made within 60 days of arrival are deemed as late bookings. Full payment will be due immediately
and once this has been received by us, all booking conditions will apply. Should you cancel after this point,
for whatever reason, cancellation charges as shown in clause 8 will apply.

6. Holiday documents

The dispatch of your holiday documents are conditioned to the reception of the balance in the
terms scheduled from the art. 3.

7. Transferability

The client that is in the impossibility to undertake the confirmed booking, could surrender his own booking
to a person that satisfies all the requested conditions and the arrangements remain exactly the same as the original booking. In this occurrence, the client must inform us with at least 15 days of warning as regards to the foreseen arrival date.
We won’t be responsible for the missing acceptance of the new nominative by the owner of the villa. The client surrender and the new client are both responsible for the payment of the sale
of the price and for the additional resultant expenses.
If you wish to transfer your booking to another villa thereby changing the arrangements completely this
will be treated as a cancellation with loss of, if applicable, cancellation charges as set out in clause 8 and it
will be necessary to re-book another villa.

8.Cancellation by you

If you cancel your reservation the lead name on the booking must advise us in writing and send the document by email duly signed immediately. Verbal cancellations or cancellations not signed will not be accepted.
If you cancel your reservation, You will be liable to pay the cancellation charges set out in the table below.
Agency fee is not refundable.
Cancellation periods are calculated on the date of your cancellation being received by us.
Cancellation charge expressed as a % of total holiday cost
a) recess from booking to 60 days before arrival 50%
b) recess from 59 to 25 days 80%
c) recess from 24 to 15 days 90%
d) recess from 14 days 100%
e) If you cancel your holiday on the day of arrival due to circumstances beyond our control, compensation or refunds will not be payable by ourselves and any such claims should be forwarded to your insurers.
f) Should you decide to curtail your holiday arrangements, for whatever reason, no refunds will be payable for any unused nights of accommodation.
g) The applicable cancellation charges must be paid even if you have not at the time paid the full cost of your holiday for whatever reason.
h) The applicable cancellation charges must be paid even if you decide to change your reservation to another property for whatever reason and without our explicit authorisation.

9. Alteration and cancellation by us

The client can cancel the booking without paying the amount for the recess as referred to the preceding
clause, in case of meaningful modification by us of one of those essential elements of the contract,
that is:
a) increase of the total price of the confirmed accommodation superior to 10% of the price at the confirmation date;
b) skid of the arrival and/or departure date superior to 48 hours;
c) modification of the category of the confirmed accommodation in pejorative sense.
In all cases, customers will be kept to communicate, within 48 hours from the reception of the communication of modification, if he understands either practice the right of recess or accepts the modification.
In absence of communication by the customer, the modification will be understood and approved.
In the event the confirmed property cannot be supplied because the accommodation ceases to operate We
will always endeavour to offer you substitute arrangements and if the cost is less than your original booking
you will receive a refund of the difference from us. If however our offer costs more and you accept that offer,
then we will ask for the difference.
We may occasionally have to cancel your holiday as a result of “force majeure” that is any occurrence
outside our control and which could not have been avoided with all due care. Such events may include war
or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, government action, adverse
weather conditions and all similar events out of our control. In this situation, we regret we cannot make any
refunds, meet any costs or expenses you may incur as a result or pay any compensation.

10. Our liability

Our liability cannot, in any case, exceed the scheduled limits from the applicable laws and conventions and more particularly the limits for individual damage as specified in the following:
1) Damages to the person of the client ( death, injuries or illness ), unless it is proved that it is due to the negligence of our employees, or by our appointees, i.e. from the third parties lenders of service(s) during the vacation.
2) Damages, loss, theft, relative to the belongings owned by the traveller (i.e. baggage), dependent from the breach or from the bad execution of the service(s) object of the confirmed villa rental, by us or by our appointees (third parties) lenders of services.
3) We won’t be, in any case, responsible of the damages, of any kind, when the breach or the bad
execution of the contract is not imputable neither to our guilt, neither to the guilt of other supplier of
service(s), due to the ascertain lacks in the execution of the contract, that:
– are imputable to the client;
– are imputable to a third party extraneous to the supply of the service(s) and present an unpredictable or insurmountable character;
– consequent to the omission, by the client, of recommendations or instructions of us or the supplier
of the service(s)
– due to autonomous initiatives of the client.
4) If, in the opinion of any person in authority such as police, accommodation owner or our
employees, you appear to be unfit to occupy your accommodation or because of anti-social behaviour are likely to cause a disturbance to other guests or neighbour villas or damage to property, we may terminate your holiday arrangements with us. We will not be liable to make alternative arrangements for other accommodation nor will we cover any costs which you may incur or make any refunds.

11. Properties

All services and facilities offered by us are subject to the standard terms and conditions of the Supplier and
are incorporated into our contract with you.
A breakage deposit is payable on site at the moment of check in to protect against
possible damage. Deposits are normally returned 24 hrs after departure by bank wire.
You are responsible for ensuring that the villa provided is left upon departure in the same conditions of
cleanliness and repair as upon arrival. Any loss or damage caused by you will be deducted by the Owner
from your breakage deposit.
We reserve the right to refuse admittance if the number of persons arriving exceeds the
number on the booking form or the maximum sleeping places as detailed in the web site.
Parties are strictly prohibited in all properties and should the police be called to the home the client will be held fully responsible for any consequences and legal action taken against the property. Gatherings and dinners for more than 14 people are also prohibited except in the case of an official event using contracted caterers, waiters and security staff previously confirmed and accepted in the contract by the owner. Any of these actions without the knowledge and acceptance of the owner can result in the cancellation of the contract and evacuation from the property, with the loss of the total cost of the booking plus deposit and no possibility of refund.

12. Complaints

In the event that you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your chosen accommodation you must immediately
report the cause to us, will endeavour to put things right.
In the unlikely event that you are still not satisfied upon your return from your holiday, you must write us
giving full details within 10 days.
If you fail to notify us of any dissatisfaction during your holiday we cannot accept liability for
that complaint in retrospect.
If you leave your accommodation prematurely without an explicit authorisation from us, you forfeit your
rights for a refund, such complaints will not be taken into consideration.

13. Rates

The rates quoted are based on the course of changes and the costs of the service(s) as of 01/ 01/ 2024, date of issuing of the 2024 program. In case that, before the beginning of the rental period a difference in the course of the changes or in the costs of the service(s) should occur, the rates will be modified, in increase or in diminution, according to the said variations.
However, the price defined in the confirmation document will not change in the 15 days before the arrival
date. The customer has the right to cancel the booking in case of increase of the price superior to 10 % as
per clause 9.
The customer will establish before his arrival if the price is of his interest. No confrontation regarding prices
will be taken into consideration after the arrival.

14. Law and jurisdiction

This contract is governed by the law of Spain and exclusive jurisdiction is conferred on the Spanish Courts.
In case of controversy will be competent the law court of Ibiza.
Your booking with Yourformentera (Part of the YourGroup SL company) implies that all clauses of this contract have been understood and have thereby

been accepted without reserve and without exception

15. Data Protection Policy

In order to process your booking we need to use the information you provide such as name, address, and
special needs requirements.
We take full responsibility for ensuring that proper security measures are in place to protect your information.
We must pass the information on to the relevant suppliers of the accommodation ( except credit card details ), and if required by them or by law, to security or credit checking companies and public authorities such as customs/immigration. We will not pass any information on to any person not responsible for part of your rental arrangements.